Remote control your TV with LIRC and Hue

At the weekend I had the idea that my TV automatically turns on when I come into my living room, as did my Philips Hue lamps, for which I installed a motion detector. Coincidentally, I still had a Raspberry Pi Zero W in the drawer, which was actually planned as an AIS receiver, but did not have enough performance for this task. As a LIRC host, the performance is sufficient and for NodeJS there is both a wrapper for LIRC commands and an API to communicate with the Philips Hue Bridge. To make this project even more useful, i developed a simple app to control volume and multiroom settings with Vue.js

AIS PLTR - AIS visualization

In a previous article, I introduced AIS Tools, as well as how they can be utilized to collect data from various sources. This article is about visualization on a interactive map. The term AIS-PLTR was derived from AIS chart plotter. The presentation of AIS information is commonly referred to as chart plotting. In order to be able to display geographic information on a interactive map, a backend is required which can provide the data via REST and updates in real time using a web socket. To solve this task, two projects where developed. AIS-PLTR for the front end and AIS-PLTR-SRV for the backend.

AIS Services - Collect AIS reports

In a previous article, I introduced AIS Tools. A library for processing AIS Reports. But how can it be used so collect data from various sources? An explanation of this task is the goal of this article.

AIS Tools - A library for AIS processing

With my new (old) project, I am once again revisiting AIS. AIS, short for Automatic Identification System, is an automatic tracking system that uses transponders on ships and is used by vessel traffic services (VTS). Since I reside close to the port of the city of Hamburg, I came up with the idea of recording and processing this data. This is interesting real-time data, especially in a well-frequented port like Hamburg. It is also a motivation to explore technologies like TypeScript and MongoDB in more detail.

Meltdown, Spectre and a new Weblog

Unfortunately, the server where my old weblog was hosted is affected by Meltdown and Specter. Therefore it has been disabled by my service provider. Although I still have a backup, I think that it would be an opportunity to try a new weblog system and introduce my latest contribution to the Open Source community: express-sharp-server.

AIS Videos

In this article you will find a collection of screen recordings, which were created with AIS PLTR and clarify what can be observed with AIS PLTR in the port of Hamburg. The recordings were made in 100 times time-lapse.

Images used in this Blog

In this article you will find a collection of images used in this Weblog